GTI partners with OEM customers to get them the lowest price parts possible.  We work closely with our clients to gain an understanding of their market and goals. With this we develop a manufacturing and supply chain strategy with full program management to not on achieve the lowest costs but to make sure they are delivered on time, too.

GTI provides customers with detailed quotations from a network of global suppliers selected to fit the needs of the individual program. This gives you the information necessary to support purchasing decsisions and the extra time you need to perform your other job duties. By procuring with GTI your life is simplified while hitting your cost goals.

GTI will be the sole point of contact with your suppliers, ensuring your requirements are defined and met on an ongoing basis.

Services Represented
Advanced Metal Design Consulting
GTI is now offering advanced metal part and tool design consulting services to compliment our manufacturing services. We can help you properly design, prototype, tool, and mass produce Thixomolded parts to save you time and money….more

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CNC Machining

Having issues with a machined casting? Let us evaluate if a hogout is more cost efficient and higher quality

NEW!!! 3D Printing
GTI is proud to offer 3D printing services.