Metal Part Design Consulting

GTI engineers low cost, high yield parts…..We live this stuff

GTI finds that 75% of a parts' cost derives from the final 25% of the design - they say the devil is in the details.  Successfully launching an advanced metal part, via Thixomolding, MIM, Machining, Powdered Metal, or Die Casting, requires proper metal part design consulting and can cost a company significant time and money.

Our design-for-manufacturing services provide optimized part design, robust tooling, and process expertise to increase yields and minimize costs. GTI will provide you with a comprehensive design review that will define specific design changes for parts, coatings, fasteners, and tools.

GTI works with its clients throughout the entire product life cycle, from concept through production.

GTI offers consulting services to leverage our years or experience in bringing new metal parts to the market including:

Don’t waste time and money trying to reinvent the wheel, let our team of experienced engineers help you.

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Design Consulting For Metal Parts